Yin and Yang

“I am a mother of a single child and he is a boy.”

Now the above statement would draw flak even from so called liberalists and even feminists.

“Without a girl child, a family is never perfect.”

“One child ! That’s never good! You should have two.”

I drew lots of criticism from friends and family, and even from many acquaintances and strangers over my decision of having one child. That too a boy !

“A son is a son till he gets a wife.” That’s what i would be told.

It was our conscious decision to have a single child. No we did not try for second. We did think about it for some time, but we were happy as a trio and we still are so we decided to let our family be like this.

A boy or a girl ? Whether you have a son or daughter, does their gender make you decide whom to love more or less.

I know it doesn’t so why do those with two kids esp those with a boy and a girl are quick to point out the deficiency in those who have only one.

If you have a girl child they will say,”Ah, she will marry and leave you one day! Who will take care of you in old age.”

If you have a boy child the line will be twisted and said, “Boys get engaged in their own wives and kids, they won’t take care of you in old age.”

“A single child, they are so spoilt and self centred.”

Every parent loves the child they are gifted with. Yes, there was a time when girls were looked down as a liability and people would actually raise them differently. In our families now, this difference is no more. Infact, the balance is now in favour of more girls. So now while a single girl child is a matter of pride, a single boy child still draws criticism.

I dedicate my post to all such parents who have given me the unwanted advise. I love my son and I would have loved the same if I had a girl. Our decision of single child has nothing to do with the gender of our child. We wanted to give our child the best of our time, energies and of course monetary advantage. We are his best pals and his siblings. Yes, we won’t be there around always but having a second baby too isn’t that guarantee. He will of course make new relations, friends and would marry ( if that’s a trend till then) but rest assured, he won’t be lonely when we are not around.

Please stop shaming the parents of a single child. Please stop shaming over the gender of the child.

Your child is your gift. Raise them well irrespective of the gender and let this cycle of preference stop. Raise them both in the same way. Whether it’s girl or a boy, educate them well, teach them good morals, teach them to be good human beings.

I am participating in A2Z Challenge and this post is my entry for letter Y.

10 responses to “Yin and Yang”

  1. Great post as always. But what stunned me is that we have both chosen the same name for our post on y. Even mine is yin and yang. This is called soul connection.

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  2. That was some talk. We are quick to judge in these matters. Cant say about other countries but in India yes. I am a mother to two. Believe me even I faced similar calling out like tough times to raise two, focus your energy on one etc. etc. I wish we would let people decide for themselves. Nice post.

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    1. True.. each one to his own .. why judge and why give unwanted advise

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  3. People are never happy whatever!! I am a mother of twins – both boys! And did people leave me alone? No they advised me to go for another and try fir a girl next time- as if I was fishing for toys in a gift lottery!! 😬

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    1. That’s what irks! We didn’t go for gender selection.. they are God’s gift and we are happy with what we have .. so please leave us in peace


      1. I dont bother replying.
        I just smile and move on!! Not worth our attention and effort believe me!!

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  4. AMAZINGG I loved the picture! tooo cute

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  5. People are all too quick to judge through their own lens – especially people who don’t have children and know nothing about it.

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