E Book Carnival 3: My Journey

I have been blogging for quite a while now. I started with an anonymous Blogger account in Feb 2015. I loved writing ever since I was in school, but the urge to take it higher started with the popularity of social media.

In 2016, I moved to WordPress platform and would pen my thoughts regularly. April 2017 was the time, I first came across A2Z, but I didn’t know how to participate. During the second half of the year, I came across Blogchatter and became a member. I am not too active on social media, but at that time, Blogchatter would send regular mails, and when the mail for A2Z 2018 arrived, I enrolled myself.

The A2Z was fun, daily postings, reading and then commenting. I came across a lot of good bloggers and I was humbled and overjoyed on knowing them. How they could churn magic out of what they wrote. We had a twitter group, and daily the group would be so active, discussing the posts, at times asking help when stuck and so on. 

Around the middle, Blogchatter announced E book carnival. The idea was that we are daily writing around 500 words, and by the end of the month, it would be more than 12,500 words so why not convert it into a book. I was writing a fiction last year. It was not totally fiction, but was based on the story of one of my very close friends. 

The story was very close to my heart, and I decided to let it out to a bigger audience. All throughout, Co-Bloggers and Blogchatter were very supportive. Starting from how to format the posts to book, which font to use, what size, what mistakes to avoid, we were given advice over even our silly querries.

Our twitter group was quite enthusiastic, we approved each other’s titles, covers and supported as much as we could. 

We were given sufficient time to complete our tasks, and finally the books were released online. The books were on Blogchatter website for 2 months, where people could download it and review them.

We had to review 3 books each, so that all books got good exposure. During that time, I further fine tuned it and finally released it on Amazon Kindle.

Blogchatter gave wings to my dream, and because of them I could tell a story which people say in hushed words. My book got a good response from fellow bloggers and is now available on Amazon. 

The link on Blogchatter takes you to amazon page. Here is the link



I am thankful to Blogchatter and my fellow bloggers for letting me believe that I could be an author.



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