T – Travel with your kids

In late 80’s and 90’s, travelling was an extravaganza especially for the upper middle class family. My only outing with my parents had been the college trips my dad would accompany. When I took admission in GMC Aurangabad, Maharashtra, that was my first train journey ever. I had been so fascinated with all the stops and the hawkers, and a curiosity of what lay outside the station. However all through 5 and a half years, we never got in between on any other stations, but the curiosity remained.

Once you get married, as they say Life happens, and we became busy in the daily livelihood. Me and my husband both were travel freaks and all it took was a monotonous few years for us to realize that we needed to travel and see the world.

However, the start was a bit tardy. We had been married 6 years and our little one was already 1.5 years when we decided to take a plunge into the travel world. As was the common notion then in our families, “Little children have to be kept protected. Too much exposure they will fall sick and so forth.”

We anyways went ahead with our first family trip to Coorg, Karnataka and I still have fond memories of that. Next was Goa, which is ever relaxing spot always. We had been there in college, then back for Honey moon( though it was just a 3 day trip to pacify wife) and this time was with kid. Traveling took a backstage after this, as my husband found more interesting things in life. ( work, of course)

One fine day, he woke up and realized he had been long neglecting his family and this started our traveling expeditions. The wanderlust has peaked after settling in Dubai. We have been to different countries, many domestic destinations in India and we enjoy each holiday to the hilt.

We love traveling as family. That’s the time for us to unwind and forge new and renewed friendships with each other again. Travelling is a great way to make memories. In every trip we do reminisce previous trips and share stories. Traveling helps you bond as a family.

Traveling expands the mind’s horizons. The brain gets exposed to new languages, new people, new cultures. More a child travels, more he is exposed to different cultures and hence more tolerant world citizen.

Traveling is a hands on learning. Reading about kangaroos or panda or penguins, is different and seeing them with your eyes is an out of earth experience.

Our last trip was to China, and as we all know it’s a totally different world. Food, language, currency, everything is entirely contrast. Yet my son was the most eased out with food. Having travelled to so many places, the once picky eater now tries and tastes everything and not once did he complain about food.

Traveling makes a person more confident, responsible and independent. It increases your tolerance as not every experience is great. Sometimes, you do land in discomfort.

Traveling is a great way to unplug and detox esp social media, gadgets and gives one a chance to explore oneself.

Yes, traveling with kids has to be slow and planned. Make checklists, be aware of climate, pack snacks, pack their books or devices. Keep medicines and always let your child have your contact information handy.

Which was your favorite travel destination with your child? Do reply in comments.

I am participating in A2Z Blogging Challenge this April and this post is my entry for letter T.

4 responses to “T – Travel with your kids”

  1. Can’t really point out the best travel destination with my children because we are high on travelling and have enjoyed almost every outing. But I would say the North East of India has been quite fascinating.

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  2. wooww! I loved the post! I am travelling Dubai soon!

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  3. I have traveled a lot with my parents, husband and now my son. Tuneer took his first trip at 1.5 months, a 5hr journey turned into 11hrs. The next trip was to Goa when he was 11 months old

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  4. Travel is so important to my family, and we take our toddler along everywhere we go. Though my favourite holiday with him was his first one to London; I think my son’d favourite was the recent safari at Kaziranga National Park, Assam!

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