She thinks she’s weak,

She knows not the hidden strength within,

She gives in to whatever you say,

She believes all your lies,

She lets her be manipulated,

She underplays her beauty, her knowledge just to boost your ego,

She stands for you even though you never stood for her,

She has been the docile daughter.

She has been a dutiful wife,

She is always the caring mother,

She is a friend, a mentor, a guide,

She plays all the roles well, whatever she comes across.

She is the homemaker, yet when she steps out she is the complete professional.

She is everything for everyone, yet she forgets to be herself.

She forgets that in carrying the burden of the world, she has given up on herself.

She forgets that she is the “shakti”, the epitome of power.

She is the “Durga” and the “Vidya”

She forgets she is the one who bleeds each month, brings a new life in the world and shapes it with her own blood and milk.

She can be everyone, yet she chooses to be the one you can be comfortable with.

One response to “She”

  1. This is every lady’s story. She doesn’t realize her own power. But when needed aptly takes the role and finishes the work assigned

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