Everyday Miracles

“Mummy, my tooth is paining.” The little boy came crying and dashed into his mothers lap.

“Ah, let me see!”His mother straightened him to have a look inside his mouth.

“Oh, It’s loose already! Don’t worry, the tooth fairy will come at night. She will take your tooth and bring a gift for you.”

The tooth fell off the next day and the tooth fairy never came.

We all keep waiting for miracles to happen. Yet, the biggest miracle is Life in itself.

All the bigwigs, the religious gurus, scientists may proclaim all their life that they know the whys, hows of who we are, where we came from and where we will go. But no one has ever been able to tell what happens even the very next moment.

Being in healthcare, I have seen life and death more closely and it has somehow humbled and mellowed me. Not even the biggest doctor can save the one who’s destined to go. No amount of hoardings can bring him/her back.

And sometimes, there is no hope that we will be able to save that one, and miraculously not only that one gets saved but lives on a long life after that.

The childbirth is in itself a miracle!

The nature, the earth, as we call it scientifically all the biotic and abiotic elements are in itself all the miracles that we forget. The sun, the moon, the stars, the diverse fauna and flora are nothing but miracles.

Personally, for me .. as a family we prefer to go to parks and beaches and spend time in nature rather than in malls. Obviously, staying in a city which is keen to preserve nature and heritage helps. There is no greater connection between friends and families then spending time with each other without devices in the lap of nature. The clear blue sky, the sound of water, wind all have a calming effect and are the biggest relaxants one can have.

This post is written as a part of Write Tribe festival of words.

#writingbravely #celebratewritetribe

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