Book Review: Who took my breath away ?

“Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place” – Zora Neale Hurston

One of my colleagues gave me a book to read. It was written by one of his patients. The author of this book was diagnosed with a fatal lung disease, which has a very poor prognosis. Though, it usually has a slow course, but somehow for him it was on a rampage, landing him on the verge for a lung transplant within next few months. I am glad the family found a donor at a right time, and he could share the wonderful insight which sometimes we humans get only when we are about to lose all.

Breath : Do we ever think about it?

Death : Are we ever prepared for it?

We keep running after numbers, figures, without ever living. As kids, we are told to perform well and score marks ( numbers). As we grow up, we start a race for bank balance ( numbers again) . When do we ever live and love truly?

The author thinks about all this when his breaths are limited and they have not yet found a donor for him. He had been a workaholic, rarely even calling his parents. His wife had struggled with a 4 month old boy diagnosed with eczema. When he knows his breaths are limited, he thinks about all of them, his wife, kids, friends, his parents, his love for all of them pouring out, yet now he cannot do anything and just pray.

His wife, parents, friends, relatives, all try to be there with him to support in whatever way they can making us believe that love exists and can do wonders. Wasn’t it love and prayers which caused the miracle, extending his breaths. Money was not able to buy a lung, but love and prayers conspired with heavens. I am sure the author would agree with us.

The author has nicely brought out his feelings, of someone who’s diagnosed with a fatal disease. His acceptance, his resignation, his zest for life and his humour have made it a good read.

I loved the take home message

1. Register to be a donor

2. Pay it forward

3. Pray like it’s your last day.

To the last one I would add, live each day as it is your last. Never leave things unfinished between those you love. Your family, your parents, spouse, kids. If you have an argument, resolve it then. Spend time with your loved ones daily. Don’t wait for tomorrow, for you never know which will be your last breath.

Name of the book : Who took my breath away?

Author : Ansar Babu

Book Blurb : In 2018, I was diagnosed with Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a fatal lung disease that typically hits people in their 60s. Not the news I expected to hear a few weeks after turning 38. The universe sure has a strange way of making us feel special.

Who took my breath away? Is my story, a story of unprecedented pain, undeterred faith and unconditional love.

Above all, one of unabated hope.

Did I survive or did I succumb?

Well, here I am, with a story to tell.

About the author : A seasoned airline marketer, Ansar Babu, loves to balance his commercial acumen with his flair for literature and art. He lives in UAE with his wife and two kids.

The e book is available on Amazon kindle.

Kindle price Rs 250/

Available to kindle unlimited readers for free

This post is written as a part of Write tribe challenge.

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