Why cheat ?

My heart is little heavy as I pen down my feelings today. I met an old friend while coming back from work. We had never been the kinds to call each other daily, but whenever we did we started from where we left last.

It had been many days, as usually happens when you get busy, work, home, family, kids. What she told me left me unsettled! Her husband of 10 years was having an affair since last 4 years.

Why ?? Why do married people get entangled in extramaritals? If they feel they no longer are happy with the current partner and they have tried all to solve it, why don’t they just communicate, take a break, and if it still doesn’t work! Why don’t they just leave? Why spoil so many lives?

They were school sweethearts! I always liked their friendly banter and the chemistry they shared!

Their marriage was not without problems. She came from a family with only girls. They were the sons their parents had. They educated them, made them stand on their feet. She was the prototype of a modern thinking woman who neither took nor gave any nonsense.

He belonged to a North Indian family of only boys. The sons were the untapped income of the family, who would not only earn to raise family income but also bring wives with dowry. Only problem is that in such families, dowry is not openly asked. They are subtle demands to be fulfilled. If not, the girl is emotionally tortured, at every gathering, at every family function.

She tolerated at times with her wit, others with her strength. Sometimes she bore silently. Many occasions she became vocal. What were her options? He was the love of her life. She had married him by choice.

5 years later, they had a son.

The mother in law started creating new troubles. Till then, they were in a joint family. Unable to tolerate any further, she asked for a separate home. What else could she do, when mothers are not able to accept the fact that wives never steal their sons. It’s their insecurities which bring the rift.

Probably the seeds were sown. Her husband started going out with a colleague, the same old pretext of conferences, meetings. She blindly kept believing him. Till she found out. For the last 4 years, he’s been fooling her never accepting the truth, though the signs of betrayal are all over.

I requested her to leave. I don’t know what I would have done in a similar situation, because I know our minds are always in denial. That “maybe” one day he will realize.

I just have that one question on my mind.

Why do people cheat on the one they had once loved so much ?

Why do they make a mockery of marriage ? Why can’t they just leave ?

One response to “Why cheat ?”

  1. That’s very sad to hear about your friend. I hope she finds a solution for this


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