Book Review : Two Rings later

Title : Two Rings Later

Author : Sujil Chandra Bose

Book Blurb :

This is an unusual story, partly real and partly fiction.

It is a story that moves around a young woman and three men around her. She is married to the first, living with the second and falls hopelessly in love with the third. The pages begin in an asymmetrical fashion that flashes back and forth, through intermittent passages that bring to the fore, her tumultuous journey from naivety to maturity.

A story of innocent love, deceit, murder, mystery and dark rituals emerge out of what follows as an intriguing, gripping tale that swishes and swerves through suspense, action and drama – leaving everyone surprised in the end. It is also a story of human minds and lives that weave moments that defies logic or circumvents rules set by the social structures.

There are characters through whom; the volatile political backdrop of the state of kerala is depicted, along with the sexual anarchy and pretentious fabric of its urban society. It is a story that entangles several lives together in an intricate web of designs that unfurl as the pages progress into a virtually unthinkable end.

Book Review :

I read this book a few months back but couldn’t commit myself to writing the review. I have known the author and could understand how he wanted to bring out the social ills of the society through his story. However, the story gets jumbled up as it travels from past to present to future. Although the story revolves around its main protagonist Pooja who works as a customer relationship manager in a hotel in Cochin, too many characters coming and going out of the story at times make it confusing for the reader.

The authors grip on the events, and his portrayal of the society is strong and makes us ponder on the ugly faces we hide.

As a debut novel, it is definitely striking.

Wishing the author more power to bring out such strong narratives.

Available on kindle edition as a part of kindle unlimited.

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