Book Review : How to walk away by Katherine Center

Title : How to walk Away

Author : Katherine Center

Available as Hardcover Rs 1558

Kindle Rs 227.50

Paperback Rs 724

Audio CD Rs 3,135.

Story : Margaret is a hardworking girl who has always lived her life by the rules her mother has set for her. On the most anticipated evenings of her life, she lands up in the most unusual place, or you may say the worst circumstances. How she goes through the ups and downs her situation lands her in and how her crazy family supports her through makes this a refreshing read.

Review : If an author is able to hook me with her beginning, I am the sort of reader who won’t put the book down till I reach the end. The author very beautiful narrates Margaret’s fear of aeroplanes and just with that one incident puts the role of Katie, her sister in her life. The story basically revolves around Margaret’s accident, how she’s left paraplegic and how she struggles despite all odds and how her family supports her, each in their own way. How that one incident breaks and then unites them once again? The author has beautifully depicted the struggle of Margaret. Through her, she brings out the pain and feelings of a person who loses everything and is yet alive. All others come and go, give their free advices, but finally the one who goes through the pain, knows what pinches. Again, love and luck come always when it is most unexpected. This reminds us that whatever the situation be we should keep going.

My Rating :⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

Must read !!!

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