Safe Driving !!!

Two months back, I had a road accident. There was more traffic on the signal and the driver behind me did not anticipate that he would find cars so back. He was fast and by the time he saw the line of vehicles, it was too late and he banged right into my bumper.

I had anticipated with his speed that I am going to be hit, but it was all in fraction of a second and my car bumped into pavement and the car besides me like a small toy. For a few seconds, I was dazed and did not even understand what happened. My neck was sore for many days after that. My car came back from garage less than a month back.

I have started driving again, but now I avoid lanes where speed limit is more. I get terrified when someone tailgates me. If I spot a car driving speedily from my rearview mirror, I get tense. In the nutshell, driving has been stressful for the past month. I have to drive to work so I can’t avoid it. Sooner or later, I will be able to over come this feeling.

Just lets look at the tips for safe driving.


  1. Be aware of the drivers around you, and be ready to expect the unexpected.
  2. Assume others can do something crazy! so you should always be ready to avoid that.
  3. Never use your cellphone for texting.
  4. Don’t take stressful calls while driving.
  5. If you cant avoid a call, always use a bluetooth while driving, and be prompt and tell them you will revert once you reach your destination.
  6. Keep a 2 second distance between your car and the one ahead.
  7. Make it 3 seconds, in case weather is bad.
  8. Don’t lose your cool.
  9. Speed limit is the upper limit allowed. Its not your target.
  10. Pull over if you feel dizzy, tired, hungry or thirsty. Just takes a few minutes.
  11. Always wear seat belts, infact seat belt actually saved me that as the impact on car, as assessed by damages was too high!!
  12. Do not mix driving and drinking.
  13. Also do not smoke while driving.
  14. Have your 100% focus on the road.
  15. Give Indicators when required.
  16. Keep eye contact at roundabouts, turns etc as the right of way may not be clear to all.

In case accident happens, do not panic, stay cool. Do not fight.

In Dubai, unless someone is injured police does not arrive on scene. They advise you to use Dubai Police app, which is easy and very convenient. Before you start reporting, move your cars to place where you are not obstructing traffic. Keep license and mulkiyat in hand. Once you open the app, go to Report the accident , enter the number of cars involved. Then It prompts you to add mobile no, email id, scan your license, mulkiyat, and pics of accident scene. Within next 12 hrs (usually you get within next 2-3 hours), you get a verification call, where they listen to your story and decide who gets the green slip and who gets the Red. After this you can take your car to garage for repair.

Emergency Nos 999

Hope you find this post useful. Share your safe driving tips!!!

7 responses to “Safe Driving !!!”

  1. Wow lovely tips… I follow the safe distance rule and I too hate it when someone keeps honking or drives too close to my car.


    1. Yes but people take safe distance as an invitation to squeeze their cars in between 😄

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      1. True and they keep honking at me to break traffic riles

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  2. A month ago my mother had an accident. She was slowing down her Scooty to park by the side of road to buy some fruits. Out of nowhere a guy on his bike rammed into my mother’s Scooty. She was thrown over and unfortunately she was not wearing a helmet. Her upper lip got pierced in the middle, the front teeth broke into half at the middle, a ligament tear in the right foot. After a few days she had to remove the teeth. The guy who caused the accident said that he had to take a sudden left turn because a car was approaching him from the back. My parents decided to let him go and did not want to press any charges because he was so young and of my age. The entire one month she went through a hell lot of pain. The thing is even if she had wore her helmet it wouldn’t have done anything because all the injuries were on the front face and most women helmets have a wide opening in the front. But my helmet which was at home had the front protection that covered the entire nose area. Precisely where injuries happened to her.

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    1. That’s so sad and unfortunate!! Hope she recovers soon !! So as per me the lesson to be learnt is the use of proper helmet covering both face and head irrespective of sex. We can’t avoid reckless driving by others but surely if we do what’s recommended we would minimize damage to us. Like had I not been wearing seat belt I would have just smashed my head into front glass.


  3. It is really important to avoid distracted and fatigue driving..


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