Valentine’s Day

Come February, and the malls, social media are galore with hearts, red roses and everything associated with love. You cannot naturally stay unaffected. I remember as a kid, I would read in newspaper about this being a day of love, a western propaganda and couples being thrashed by police.

As I go back the memory lane, Love was a taboo word. The way now we use it, so frequently Me, my spouse and our kid, I know it wasn’t that used between my parents either among themselves or even for us. The love was evident by the acts, but not the words, and even those acts had to be inconspicuous, as if being caught showing love was something inappropriate. I might be wrong but that was and is my interpretation. I remember my mother in law once commenting on a neighbor, that shameless housewife would wave bye to her husband from 1st floor till he was out of sight.

Even today, I wished a colleague “Happy Valentines Day”, and I got a curt response we do not believe in this day, and anyways my spouse is out of town.

Another one, came from one of my kids friends mom. My kids school celebrates Valentine’s Day every year as Grandparents Day. What a lovely gesture ! But this lady comments “It’s good that Kids remember this day as Grandparents day and not as Valentine’s Day.”

Why are we so ashamed of Love! Love is what binds is, love is what makes us go through each day! Love is what gives meaning to life. So why are we ashamed of it?

Yes, I love my husband and we do make plans for Valentines. In fact, even though we have been together for 21 years now, I messaged him each morning for the entire week preceding Valentine. I purchased gifts for him and also for my son. It’s just not romantic love, but it’s the celebration of love, be it friends and family and not just your intimate partner.

I agree it’s just a business strategy to sell cards, gifts but isn’t that true for every festival. Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and what not. We might be celebrating one or all, but no one gives us right to criticise one and glorify other. Celebrate what makes you happy and leave the ones you don’t want.

I love celebrating Love, because that is the very basis of existence.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Stay blessed and loved!

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P.S Photo credits @photography.nasa ( Instagram )

This was his message for Valentine’s Day 2 years back when I was going through a rough patch in life.

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  1. Aww Ruchi you are so loving 💖❤️

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