Love they say!

Love they say catches you unawares!

I kept waiting for it to catch me all my life, to fall in love with that special someone!

I met that special someone and he promised me love for a lifetime!

Those candle light dinners!

Those expensive gifts!

Those never ending messages and phone calls!

Those lies just to spend more time together!

That feeling to be together always!

I thought I was in love!

Then we got married!

We were at the top of the world!

Lust was love or love was lust !

I did not want to understand!

That’s what they say is the destination!

And then Life caught on love!

No more dinners! No more gifts!

No more waiting on for each other!

No time for compliments!

No time to ask what the other felt!

Complete the family everyone said!

We brought into the world An ideal one!

A boy and a girl!

That’s the love they say ! Pure and selfless!

I believed everything I was taught!

And then one day they all left me !

Alone !

I cried ! I wept ! I called all of them selfish and then slowly I stood for myself !

Each day ! A small step!

That was when I fell in love ! Love with myself all over again !

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About Me.

I am a histopathologist based in UK. I find solace in my work, nature and books. My musings are my own personal beliefs.


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