An Accident

Nisha was pacing her room. She had not changed her work attire and her face looked terse. Usually by the time sudheer came, she would usually have soaked herself in shower and would change in her comfy pyjamas. Fragrance of her perfume mixed with gastronomic delights would usually greet him as he unlatched the door.

Today something was amiss. Neither Nisha replied back to him nor the sensual aroma lingered on his nostrils.

“Did someone die” Sudheer asked and Nisha started sobbing.

Sudheer was clueless.

“What happened sweetheart ? Why are you crying ? Ma baba ok na?” He asked again.

He took Nisha in his arms and made her sit on the edge of bed.

“Tell me what happened” he urged her again.

“It had been raining since 2 in the afternoon. There was water logging everywhere. I waited till 5.30 in the office and when I left roads were all jam packed. I usually never go into the slum area but the main road seemed all full with cars so I took the short cut. Near to that slum area, men were playing cards and drinking on the roadside, may be enjoying weather. One of them was dancing on the side but crossing midway again and again. I was driving slow but don’t know when he came just besides and my car hit him on side.

“He fell down, I was scared Sudheer. I did not stop. I just drove, did not look back and stopped only on reaching home.” Nisha narrated the story is sobs.

“I’m sure I killed him. Will they come and put me behind bars. She asked in between sobs.

“You should have stopped and checked ! This seems too insensitive like those rich brats! Sudheer said.

“I know, but I was dead scared and they all looked like ready to pounce! I’m afraid !” Nisha said. “I have been praying it’s just minor injuries!” She continued.

“Come on let’s go and check” sudheer ordered Nisha.

When they reached slums, sudheer approached an elderly man and asked him about the accident late evening.

“Oh that, he has fallen besides numerous cars and earned bottles of liquor for this full gang here. The first time, I think the red car driver knew so did not stop, but other car did. All are now drunk dead.”

This story is written as a part of prompt ” I think I killed a man” #TellTaleThursday hosted with Anshu & Priya .

2 responses to “An Accident”

  1. Liked the story ruchi. We have a lot of hit and run cases where people leave the victim to die, but this time around good she didn’t stop. The man was just fleecing people.

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