WOW: “Today Is Your Last Day On Earth”

Tring Tring!

I didn’t know how long my phone had been ringing.

Pissed over disturbing my sleep, like an angry bird i picked up the call.

By the way, It was my husband.

“Wake up my sweetheart, don’t waste last day on the earth sleeping.”

“Last day on earth! Are you drunk?”I replied with a yawn.

“Madam,Just switch on the idiot box.”

“I am reaching in half an hour. Get ready,the last day should not be spent sleeping or on duty.” Saying this he hung up.

Well, last day on earth finally! He was right I couldn’t just sleep. There was so much I had to do.

I filled my bath tub with warm water, filled myself a glass of wine, and lay down there relaxing and thinking what all I had to cover in these 24 hours.

Get ready in my best dress! Well, who knows what lies ahead! Is it an end or the beginning ? I needed to look my best.

Spend time with my loving hubby, my kiddo, my parents and my friends. Time is actually short and I would spend it in the best possible way with those I love. Those whom I am not able to meet, I would call them up.

Go to our favourite place besides the beach, where we had spent hours discussing, fighting and then making up again.

Go to my favourite restaurant and eat that yummy dish for the last time.

Finish up the book I am reading, sitting besides my hubby who would be hooked to his mobile phone finishing the movie he had last downloaded.

Play the game of Monopoly, we as a family love playing in together.

Have that crazy sex one more time! Aren’t those the best memories!

Finally, to all those who had hurt me or whom I had hurt I would pray that we all find our share of forgiveness.

My last day had to be filled with love, laughter, family and friends.

Tring Tring!

6am in the morning.

It was my alarm waking me up from sleep!

Another day !

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

3 responses to “WOW: “Today Is Your Last Day On Earth””

  1. If earth is coming to an end, will eatery people still feed you? Just curious. Nice post.


    1. Didn’t think of that ? When titanic sank the crew still played the last song. May be 😂😂


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