The Fury of a River

She sat gazing at the stillness of water. She always came to this place whenever she felt overwhelmed by the world around her. She had long been associated with NGO who worked for saving trees and rivers.

Today she had come back frustrated from the court. The builder had proposed a colony near the banks of the river. Many politicians and rich men had their money pledged in it. She felt it was a lost cause. People no longer cared for nature. Only in rallies, they would shout slogans and pose for pictures. Did they even understand what “global warming” and “deforestation” meant.

No one knew why it meant so much to her. Years ago, besides some river her father a renowned builder had made a palatial villa. That year when she was only 15 there were floods, the swollen river had engulfed all, her parents and her siblings. She had been out of city for a school excursion. She knew nature’s fury.

Word count : 163

Written for the weekly FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy. Thank you, PJ. Thanks to Wildverbs for the picture prompt. Please read other stories here

10 responses to “The Fury of a River”

      1. My pleasure, Ruchi 🙂


  1. Yes, when nature is angry there is no respite. Nature must be protected. Good storyline.

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  2. The insistence on building on flood plains, I will never understand it. Good story.

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  3. Very though provoking story! Great story!

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  4. Brilliant story and so relevant today.

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  5. Unfortunately, most people know of it, but just don’t care enough.

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