WOW: “Today Is Your Last Day On Earth”

Tring Tring! I didn't know how long my phone had been ringing. Pissed over disturbing my sleep, like an angry bird i picked up the call. By the way, It was my husband. "Wake up my sweetheart, don't waste last day on the earth sleeping." "Last day on earth! Are you drunk?"I replied with a … Continue reading WOW: “Today Is Your Last Day On Earth”

The Fury of a River

She sat gazing at the stillness of water. She always came to this place whenever she felt overwhelmed by the world around her. She had long been associated with NGO who worked for saving trees and rivers. Today she had come back frustrated from the court. The builder had proposed a colony near the banks … Continue reading The Fury of a River

The Red Stilettos

Copyright Yinglan "Ah! Not again Dad!" Sam yelled. "It's ok, Son. We will sit and enjoy our game of Tic Tac Toe." Andrew tried to calm him down. "Do you really think?" He raised his eyebrows. "After every try, she would expect you to look and comment on which one she should buy." Andrew smiled. … Continue reading The Red Stilettos