Book Review : A breath of Fresh Air by Amulya Malladi

Title of the book: A Breath of Fresh Air

Author : Amulya Malladi

Available on Amazon in Hardcover( Rs 2500) , Paperback (Rs 600 ) and kindle (Rs 200) . Also available as free to Kindle unlimited members.

Story : Anjali is left stranded on Bhopal railway station by her husband Prakash on the fateful night of Bhopal Gas leak. Struggling with a dead marriage, she divorces her husband in the aftermath of the incident. Years later there lives intertwine again.

My opinion :

The story is an emotional heavy dose and left me grappling with tissues towards the end. Bhopal has leak left many individuals crippled with chronic respiratory disorders and in this case though Anjali is able to conceive she gives birth to a child with congenital damaged lungs and heart. The story brings the pain of individuals who get exposed to such accidents, especially the pain of a parent, where they are just bystanders and can’t do anything.

In addition, the author has beautifully brought out the wrath of the society on a divorcee or a widow.

The character of Harjot is a strength for Anjali. Sandeep is a prototype of Modern man who stands by his wife and children and doesn’t give a damn about the world.

You can not ignore Indira and the scene where she tries to convey to Anjali that she understands her pain is well brought out.

By the end, you feel sorry for Prakash and wish that Anjali grants him forgiveness.

My Rating : ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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