The New Age Dads


I stopped endorsing Days especially those celebrated on Social media long back. But today seeing so many posts on Fathers Day, a thought came across my mind.

We always talk about how things changed for females when they moved out of kitchens confines. How now they have to juggle home and office, career and kids? Well, for most of the Indian families it is still the scenario but fortunately I have been blessed with a husband who shares and juggles the responsibilities so that we both are able to have peace at home as well as work.

With no offense to single parenting, I like this new age parenting where a child sees his mom and dad walking hand in hand and sharing space be it in kitchen or at work.

My little one is used to seeing his Dad work skilfully in kitchen as well, and there are certain dishes, he would prefer being cooked by his dad.

When we were young the office culture was 5pm shut off, unlike these days when you work hard late till night, and though some companies might still pay a female employee less, but won’t give similar consideration when it comes to working hours. Hence, it becomes more important for both the parents to be hands on rather than one person carrying all the burden.

I remember my Dad would be home by 5pm at the most, and still he would sometimes forget the class I would be studying in. Let me or my husband commit this mistake now, and pat a reply would come, ” Hey Guys, How can you forget my class?”

A few years before, I alone would be the villain who would force my son to complete his homework, study for test, switch off the lights, go and take a bath now, clean your plate, enough of Screen time and so on. With mom not being around, he would take others for ride. That’s where my husband realized that no longer are the days when one parent pampers and the other disciplines. So, whoever is around started yielding the stick ( not in literal sense though).

When it came to studies, we divided the subjects as per our expertise, as they say more the merrier. Not only has this helped in managing the kiddo’s time better, but it also lets both of us involve equally with him, and also gives both of us the me time.

However, obviously a Dad would always be a Dad and that strong hand who would be around to catch you, if you fall. And a mom would always be that soft cushion, where you can cry your heart out and I believe a kid always needs both of that.

When he was small, a common question from relatives would be Who do you love more, Mom or Dad, and he would answer based on the situation. As he grew up, and now he says, the most difficult question on earth is ” Mom or Dad.”

So this is the New Age Parenting for the New age Whizkids.

Happy Fathers Day to all the awesome Dads reading this.

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