Book Review: Deal of Death by Sonia Chatterjee Banerjee

Title : Deal of Death

Author : Sonia Chatterjee

Genre : Thriller

Published as a part of Blogchatter E book carnival Season 3

Welcome to Munshigang, a small peaceful town in North Bengal. Though the town is peaceful, yet it has been rocked by some strange events and to solve them comes Detective Raya Ray.

Raya Ray battles a personal tragedy and in the aftermath of it, supported by her husband decides to take a plunge and becomes a private detective. Till now, all the cases she has been investigating are the cheating spouses, so when she’s called to investigate the mystery of a still birth, she cannot say “No”

Arriving in Munshiganj, she realizes it is not just the still birth, the town has a high incidence of still births, and she does not take long to correlate with the other unusual happenings in the town.

The story is fast paced and the author keeps you interested and worrying about her life till the very end. The plot is well researched and images of Munshiganj bring a charm of its own. The plot is strong and well written.

I personally feel the story has been cut short and the case gets solved too soon.

The author could have spent a little more time in building the numerous characters she introduces like Dr Sonam all we know is she is not happy, and next she gets killed. Similarly, the character of the villains needed a little more time.

Every crime has a motive and somehow till the end I could not be convinced as to what that motive is, and the ending made it all the more confusing.

“Deal of the Death” is a debut thriller written by author and blogger Sonia Chatterjee.

However, I know this was written in a short time span of just 7 days, which is in itself commendable, so I cannot really complain about the story being short.

The book definitely deserves 🌟🌟🌟🌟

I will be looking forward to more of cases being solved by Detective Raya Ray.

The book can be downloaded free for a limited time.

Deal of Death

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