Book Review: Golden Rainbows by Balaka Basu

Title of the book : Golden Rainbows

Author : Balaka Basu

Published on Blogchatter E book Carnival, Season 3

The book ” Golden Rainbows ” is a collection of 26 short stories written by Blogger and author Balaka Basu. These stories were written as a part of A to Z Blogging Challenge in April 2018. The theme of stories is ordinary people whom the author met in her life.

I liked this collection of stories because very rarely you come across people who can create such a magic with words and make those ordinary lives look inspiring or leave us thinking about them.

Daily we come across so many incidents like depicted in her stories, but we forget and move on, yet the author penned them and left a mark / message with each story.

A few of the stories which I liked are Ekta, Fludi, JN Bhattacharya , Potla Bura, Urmila pishi, yasmeen.

Through her stories, author talks about the ills which are their in our society, like in Urmila Pishi she talks about the Bride hunting.

In Yasmeen she lays finger on the crooked society where daughter after marriage is asked to adjust even if it costs her life, only for the fear of society’s judgement.

Potla Bura is a story about a rich man who loses his memory and thus lands himself in a neighborhood where he is thought of as a thief. That’s how it is, our normal tendency to look at anyone we do not know with suspicion.

Fludi is about a little girl who loses her life to cancer before adulthood.

It is an interesting mix of stories, and sometimes you feel as if even one meeting with anyone and she has the skill to narrate a story about it. The stories are in easy to read language and will directly appeal to anyone fond of short stories.

However, the author could have made a little effort in polishing and formatting the look of the ebook. As of now, the book appears just a copy-paste of AtoZ posts.

A nice full cover page, contents and all would go a long way in taking the ebook to its next destination.

Will look forward to reading more from her.

The book can be downloaded free for a limited time.

Golden Rainbows

One response to “Book Review: Golden Rainbows by Balaka Basu”

  1. Thanks a trillion, zillion, million for this super duper review. I absolutely agree on the copy paste and formatting part. I was traveling and my poor husband put together the draft. However I am working on it. Hugs and love.


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