Book Review : Blogging Basics 1.0 by Dr Bushra Nausheen

Title of the book : Blogging Basics 1.0

Author : Dr Bushra Nausheen

Published on Blogchatter as a part of Blogchatter E book Carnival Season Three

This book is written by renowned gynecologist and blogger Dr Bushra Nausheen. This book is one stop place for beginners who want to start a blog but do not know how to do it. Her advise range from having a self hosted website to keeping the theme simple. She also advises to choose your niche and then blog about that. All these she had learnt in her blogging journey since 2016. She also gives ideas on how you can earn from your blog and how to make it popular via social media, and which plugins and blogging tools to use.

Overall the book will be useful for beginners who at times struggle with these topics.

The book can be downloaded free for a limited time.

Blogging Basics 1.0

One response to “Book Review : Blogging Basics 1.0 by Dr Bushra Nausheen”

  1. Great review, although I’d have loved to read more about your thoughts on it. But I do love long review so haha 🙂


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