Book Review : The fragrance of True Love by Roma Gupta Sinha

Title of Book : The fragrance of True Love

Author : Roma Gupta Sinha

A simple sweet and one innocent love story.

If you are tired of thrillers, the ever dramatic soap operas, and the current affairs of the country, this is the book to pick up.

Roma Gupta Sinha is another blogger I met in my journey of A To Z Blogging challenge 2018. What was admiring about her was her straightforward approach and how she was comfortable in penning down the ups and downs of her life without any hitch. Won’t spill more beans on that one, as that would be the one book to look forward in coming months.

Coming back to this book, it is a love story of Priyam and Meer. Priyam is a girl who has closed herself to outside world because of the painful childhood memories. She is a positive person inspite of her childhood trauma and has been slowly cruising her journey alone in the tough world it is.

She meets Meer who is another soft hearted person who falls in love with Priyam. He softly makes his place in her heart and together they fight Priyam’s demons.

The story of Priyam and Meer gives you good vibes, the feel of true love. Priyam’s love and concern for her mother and her brother, Meer’s love for his family, an understanding Aditi, Priyam standing firm when Meer is not able to get campus placement, all these leave you with feelings of a good and positive world around you.

Do read it when you are looking for sunshine.

You can read Roma on her blog here:

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  1. Thank you so much Ruchi, I am glad you found it worthy of a read ♥️

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