Book Review : The Race of Maggots

Title of the Book : The Race of Maggots

Author : Dr Sweety Shinde.

Even before this book had been out, I had been waiting for its release. The reason for it is the author, Dr Sweety Shinde, who has been a mentor for me not only in pathology but also in my journey as a blogger. I have always been in awe of her, right from the time I entered medical college as a postgraduate. After I had read her first book – Arjun without a doubt, I would read everything she penned. I was waiting for this one because I knew she was working on a medical thriller.

“The Race of Maggots” took me back to my days both as a undergraduate and a postgraduate student. This book is a compilation of three stories. What is interesting is that through the stories, not only she shows the real side of doctors, their struggles, their aspirations but also she takes you to the other world, the patients and their lives. Through each of the stories, the author also brings to life, the deeper ills bugging our country today.

Blood : The first story is about A Kashmiri youth Taj who just like any other civilian wants to help the country fight against the terrorism. However, the bureaucracy and the corruption in higher ranks, makes him a scapegoat and pushes him towards crime. Side by side, in the story she portrays the life of a pathology resident, how they slog through those years, how some times even mere sleep is a luxury.

Dhondu: The second story revolves around Dhondu, a taxi driver. Again the author brings to light so many daily events which we just ignore as a routine, like Dhondu who is colour blind becomes a taxi driver on the busy streets of Mumbai. Again, the fight of Dr Oberoi and Dr shroff over Dhondu brings to light the ego clashes among famous doctors. Dhondu being diagnosed by a medical student reminded me of my days, when the patients would get irritated seeing a batch of 20 students, and how we would be at the mercy of them. The hilarious part of the story which leaves you laughing is when he tries to help a girl, and is totally uncooperative with the boy who is actually a good student.

Nude: Through this story, the author takes you to the category seats and caste issue. Again, she brilliantly develops the character of Dr Jui and Dr Vic. She leaves you pondering over the stories for long.

A brilliant compilation of the three stories from medical world. Doctors and their patients, the human psyche and the human faces behind those white coats.

Highly recommended.

3 responses to “Book Review : The Race of Maggots”

  1. Ah! The review I was awaiting. I’m so glad it ignited so many memories from med school days. Some events, some personas, some ego clashes are eternal , no matter which year or which era we graduate

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    1. Ah for me memories were many! Right from bleeding donors to the autopsies. The senior off to slide meetings ! Being called Sishter ! I can go on and on

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      1. and the monstrous thesis guide? Hush !

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