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sunset-hands-love-woman.jpgWe had returned from Iceland a few month back. It was the trip of a lifetime. We did see the Northern lights and were amazed by them.

Pihu had already been asking when and where the next trip will be. We had decided, that we will take such holiday every few months to recharge ourselves.

I had still been doing freelancing, and it suited my schedule nicely. I had realised that corporate culture was no longer my cup of tea. Pihu and me both were happy, as it meant less of nannies. Akash was happy as he found me less stressed and smiling always.

I knew that Akash had read my diary when I was in hospital, but I didn’t realise that he would remember everything from it. Again the Papa-son duo surprised me by planning a trip to Paris. Exactly an year later, we watched the sunset from the top of Eiffel Tower, just like I had asked for.

Sometimes all it requires is a jolt to bring you back to senses. As much as I may hate Sophie, I have to be thankful to her for waking us both from the rut we thought marriages were.

Though we both had started on love, the practicalities of life, the intricate web marital relations are, had made us forget that like any other relation marriage too needs to be nurtured.

I was not a bad wife, Neither was Akash a bad husband. Like any other marriage, we too were rocked by the problems like busy workplaces, parental interference, childcare and so on. We tried to smoothen everything but took each other for granted.

I know what Akash did was not the best solution. Rather than sharing his days with Sophie, he should have come back home, and tried to find the reason for why things were that way.

Marriage is not easy. Unlike the courtship period, be it an arranged or a love marriage, it requires compromise, sacrifice, trust and laying bare open to each other not just your bodies, but your soul and mind as well. Marriage is not beautiful always. You don’t see the best of each other always. Sometimes one is happy and smiling and at other times mad, angry, sad, stubborn and unlovable.

Love is not about candle light dinners, and precious gifts. Love is not just going around each other arm in arm. Love is holding the other when they themselves are not able to. Marriage is not a fairy tale. It is hard work. It is accepting each other and being there even when you know it would be you two against the whole world.

Most young people get married thinking that once married, the work is over. The truth is that you start the chapter once you get married. An empty note book it is. You fill it with your love, togetherness, nasty fights, and still being there to fill in each day till you die.

All is well that ends well. We both now know that a strong and true friendship between a husband and wife is the basis of a good marriage. We are no longer worried about ghost of Sophie, because we know we will always figure it out together.


15 thoughts on “Zenith

  1. Beautifully written . Yes marriage is the start . As u keep filling the notebook and read it years later even the angry moments of past bring smiles in the present .

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