Xctasy ( Ecstacy )

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pexels-photo-1020052.jpegThe exams went just like any other. Whether you are first grader appearing for a class test, or you are a middle aged female, exams will bring in fear before they come, and a sense of relief once they are over. I did have sleepless nights with coffee to kill my sleep, but in the end I did manage to finish them.

Pihu had recovered well from his illness, and had started school again. I had shifted back home, and for the first time in my life, I was enjoying my me time. Everytime, I had wanted to take a break, I would get a bagful of advices.

“You will get bored.”

“What will you do sitting at home the whole day.?”

“Idle brain is devil’s mind.”

I did not understand how females themselves can say so, when we as working females, know how difficult it is to manage both ends, home and work. The economics of managing a house, is as complex as managing an office.

Yes, I did have spare time for myself, but I made a good use of it, as do many other homemakers.

I always loved cooking, though not in the sense routine cooking. I loved trying new dishes, so my day would start with Pihu’s lunches.

I would daily try to give him something different. He had been a picky eater always. For the first time in my life, I had time to experiment and make it interesting. Pihu would be excited, to know what’s in his lunch today.

I had always wanted to run a marathon. Baby steps to that. Akash and me would go for a walk/ run in the morning. He too would be excited for the breakfast. We were trying to eat healthy, so daily I would experiment with something new.

Akash would leave for office, and then I had joined a Yoga class. I tried my hand on Baking, embroidery and painting, in the time I would get after the daily routine of cleaning the house was over.

It was the first break I have had in years, and I made sure I made the best out of it. I would finish up my activities by the time Pihu was home. I wanted to give him the quality time, which at times as a working mother and as a depressed wife, I had been putting at stake. He loves playing board games. After he would finish his studies, I would ensure that I took him to park, or played an interactive board game with him. He would be especially delighted if he could make me go bankrupt in Monopoly.

Akash and me ensured that we would spent some time daily with each other after Pihu slept. It’s the daily togetherness which sometimes couples take for granted, and we now knew that this was not what we were ready to compromise at any cost. It had been a difficult ride reaching there, but isn’t it true, that all difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. Also, we had learnt to enjoy the ride, however bumpy it might be, then waiting for the destination.

I was finally happy with how my life was shaping up.


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