My little wise man

Recap : A ,B ,C ,D ,E ,F ,G ,H ,I ,J ,K ,L ,M ,N ,O ,P ,Q ,R ,S,T,U,Vpexels-photo-173666.jpegI reached home and found Pihu hot with fever. He was having sore throat since two days. Akash had told me, and he had given him medicines as well. However, today after he had come from school, he looked tired and had slept.

Akash had given him medicine to reduce fever, but once the dose would wane off, he would again get a spike. Pihu was not allowing him to do sponging, but seeing me he gave a faint smile. I took him in my lap and convinced him that this will make him feel better. We both sat down to do sponging for him. In next 45 minutes, we managed to get fever down a little.

His cough had increased, and in spite of medicines he was coughing so much, that he was vomiting every hour. Akash called up his pediatrician. He suggested to get Pihu to the hospital.

We took him to Emergency, where they did a few blood tests, and a Chest X Ray. Meanwhile the doctor reached and after seeing him and his reports told us that he was having Pneumonia, and would have to be admitted, as he would require I.V medications.

The next couple of days, went caring for Pihu. He was so happy to see his mummy and papa all the time with him after so many days. By 3rd day, his fever had gone completely but we were told that cough would take time.

He was however discharged from hospital and we had to continue medications and care at home. I had completely forgotten about my exams. Akash had gone and collected my hall tickets. I had hardly touched my books, so I was not sure if I would attempt my exams.

“You have been studying regularly, Neha. Go and give your exams.” He tried to persuade me.

I was not very convinced.

“Let me think.” I said to divert the topic.

Later, when I was feeding Pihu, He asked ” Mummy, why are you afraid.”

“You go and give exam. I will not get sick now. I am feeling better.”

“You finish your Soup.” I tried to change the conversation and gave him a small kiss on his cheek.

“No mummy, I know you are just not confident. You only tell me, that we should never give up, and participating is more important.”

“So, why are you giving up.”

“I miss you mummy. Please finish your study fast, give exams and come back home soon.”

I was amazed at my little one’s wisdom. When you are loved by the people whom you love, you know nothing can go wrong.

Sometimes, when a couple goes through such situations, they forget the boundaries and children get involved in crossfire. Never had we exchanged a single word in front of Pihu.  Also neither of us had ever tried to disgrace the other parent in front of him. For him mummy papa were one. I was proud that whatever ups and downs we had in our relationship, we had managed to keep Pihu away from that. I was proud of his upbringing.  I decided to appear for my exams and do my best in whatever little time I had.

8 responses to “My little wise man”

  1. Children do sense the trouble. It is their sixth sense. Happy that the family is gradually becoming normal.

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  2. looks like children have the intuition. i have seen this with my son too. sometimes when i am low, he captures from my face readings.

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  3. It is always the children who suffer most in these situations, and why it is best they make a new start of it.

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  4. That was something every couple should bear in mind- its best to avoid these scuffles front of kids. Its good to see Pihu is well now and hope Neha gives the exam

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  5. When you are loved by the people whom you love, you know nothing can go wrong.

    Love that line.

    Am sure she will ace her exams!

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