Vows forever

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pexels-photo-56926.jpegDoes marriage guarantee a Happily ever after?

At 25, when I had got married, I dId believe in it being forever.

“To hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, Until death do us part” had seemed very romantic to the young girl then, but now I had learnt my lesson. The mere exchanging of vows in a public ceremony is just another farce.

Being married to someone, would not be a guarantee of their being forever in love.

A happy marriage, requires two people supporting each other through thick and thin. Being with each other, and falling in love with the same person, by choice each day of your life.  As they say, “We fall in love by chance, but we stay in love by choice.” We had made our choice, to stay in love with each other.

My studies had taken me far but that we knew was a short term duration. Akash had become a hands on father, and I would be available only on weekends.

It was a tough decision, to go back to studies. Our close family on either side could not understand what was wrong with me. According to them, I was earning good and what I was doing was like committing a suicide. The old Neha, would have given up, tried to keep peace. Now I knew, I cannot make everyone happy. So I let me be my own sunshine.

Adjusting Pihu to that schedule was another challenge, but he got adjusted soon and would eagerly wait for Fridays, when I would be back.

Akash became my solid support, just like I had been once for him. He never let me feel alone, even though I was away. We would talk for hours each day and would eagerly wait to be together again. Some days, he would manage to sneak out and give me a surprise in the middle of week.

I had been worried initially, that if I went, would he give in to some random attraction again. Akash did understand my uneasiness, and ensured that I was aware of what went on with his life 24 x 7. Our communications became better, and slowly day by day we started trusting each other more and more.

Time passed quickly, and I had my fellowship exams in a few weeks time. One evening, Akash and Pihu had decided to come over. I kept waiting and there was no sign of them. Akash cell was not reachable. I thought that he might have forgotten to charge. I tried to study, but could not concentrate.

Finally after what seemed to me ages, Akash called. He was not his usual self. He said Pihu was tired and had slept.

“Pihu slept so early? Is everything ok?” I asked.

“Ya, just a little fever. You don’t worry, I will take care.” Akash replied.

His voice did not match with what he was saying. For the last two-three days, whenever I called Pihu would be sleeping.

I felt Akash and Pihu needed me. I packed my bag and took the next ride home.

8 responses to “Vows forever”

  1. I think she has made a good choice at the end, I so hope it works out right for her.

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  2. Neha took a very good decision. Let’s see how she can manage it.

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  3. Ohh…nice one…missed out on this entire series. Will read at the end.


    1. Thanks for reading. Please do read the entire series.


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