Recap : AB,C,D,E,F,GH,I,J,KLMNOP ,QR ,Spexels-photo-271171.jpegI kept waiting for Sophie’s reply. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. May be my being in picture had been a deterrent. I finally stopped waiting for it and we had made much progress that we hardly ever discussed her anymore.

One evening after a couple of months, we were getting ready for our date night. We had realised that we as a couple needed sometime together. Once a week, we would go out together and enjoy ourselves like we used to do before marriage. We would choose a day in the middle of week. During the weekdays, Pihu would always sleep early, so that he would be fresh in the morning for the school. After sending him to bed, we both would sneak out for a dinner or go to a movie, or a pub depending on what our mood was. It had greatly helped us in bonding.

I remember on one of such nights, I was getting ready. Akash was constantly reminding me that we would get late, as we would find a lot of traffic downtown. I had changed two dresses, but couldn’t decide on the final one. It was a special date, as it also was our anniversary. A few minutes passed and I didn’t hear my name. I finally came out dressed in his favourite red. It was one of his favourites, and he would always complement me on that one. He looked sombre, quite opposite from the mood a few minutes before. He passed me over his phone. It took me a moment to realise that he was showing me something.

Sophie did reply back, though not on my mail, as I had instructed, but on Akash’s mail.

We saw her reply but as an unspoken rule, neither of us discussed what next till the next morning. We had been through much, and knew that we would not spoil our only “US” time by discussing her troubles.

Well, as we had thought, she had shifted to States, in 2016, along with her boyfriend. She was still unmarried. Her boyfriend would still bully her. There was not a single day, when he would not hit her. She had tried to run away from him, but he kept a strict tab on her finances, and infact managed them. He was too dominating and would constantly check her mobile phone, mails, social media accounts. She was miles away from her family, and she did not want to involve them. She said that she was afraid that I would not allow Akash to help her so she did not communicate earlier, but now she was desperate to get out of this situation.

For the first time, I felt sad for her. I did not know, if all she said was truth, and I had no means to find out either.

She still had not specified what help she wanted. Finally, I replied back, and asked her what actually she wanted from us. I was a bit straightforward in telling her that it was her personal issue, and if she was so much oppressed, she should take a stand and leave her boyfriend.

She did not revert back after that. She did reply back to Akash, and told him that she needed financial help. It had been a long time, and somehow Akash did not feel it right. He said that she had never wanted to get away from him. He had tried to help her that time, but she had said it was her decision to be with him, He felt again, it might be just getting finances for him. He refused her straightforward and after that she never contacted him again.

NOTE : I am participating in #AtoZChallenge2018 and this post is my entry for letter T.

14 responses to “Trouble”

  1. that sad.. never realised she was in such a mess. The date night idea for the couple is a great idea though! Even couple should indulge in this

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  2. Uh oh! Unfortunately, I don’t see this ending well for at least one of them. Probably, Sophie.

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  3. Akash did well. But, I think Sophie’s story is not ended here. Let’s see what happens next,

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  4. Is this really the last we will hear of Sophie? I feel sorry for her, but happy that they can move on from her.

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  5. If Sophie is telling the truth, I feel bad for her. You have given this an intersecting turn. Will come back tomorrow.

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  6. I used to do date night with my husband. I always looked forward to it. 🙂

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  7. Sayan Bhattacharya Avatar
    Sayan Bhattacharya

    Trouble indeed ! But Akash has taken a correct stand.. waiting for the next episode! You are doing great in your storytelling Ruchi !

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