She was not Our Responsibility.



I was not sure whether I wanted to tread that path. I had agreed to take the matter in my hands, because I wanted Akash to be away from her. More precisely, I wanted her away from my family.

Morning, after Pihu left for school we had that conversation again.

“Neha, think again. Do you want to get involved in this. She is not our responsibility. She was not a child whom I had forced. She was an adult and I never hid my marital status.” He had said.

“Do you think, we should not?” I had looked at him and replied.

“I do not know. I don’t want you to run away again. All I want is you happy. I do not have any moral obligation towards her. I do not need her forgiveness. She was equally responsible.”Akash had said.

“She is the face of your dreams. What you had been dealing till now, had been just your created visions! Now when you will be interacting with her, you will be analysing her and you will try to fit her into your story.” Akash had said with a concern in his voice.

I could see the pain in his eyes, which had said much more. He was afraid of losing me.

“I know Akash. This is like jumping into the the centre of hurricane. It might destroy us or we might come out of it stronger. Let’s just get over with it. We will interact with her together. No individual communication. Let’s finish it once and forever this time.” I replied back.

“I want to know why she is back. I have been living in the fear of her shadow. And only by facing this heads up, I will be able to face my own fears.” I continued.

“And may be it’s a litmus paper for us, you, me and our love. So, Let’s face this together.” I said after a thought. We hugged each a bit longer, letting our touch communicate what the words couldn’t. We both were nervous, yet we wanted  to be on the same track this time.

He did not stop me after that. I know I was testing waters, but how would I get my rainbow without the rain.

We replied back to Sophie together from his mail, asking her to skype us, at her preferred time. I made it clear that she would be communicating with us together and not with Akash alone.

It was true I was close to treading a dangerous territory, but one thing I was sure of now was that either I would have Akash for life, or I would lose him right away.


NOTE : I am participating in #AtoZChallenge2018 and this post is my entry for letter R.

11 responses to “She was not Our Responsibility.”

  1. I think Neha has taken the right decision, now.


  2. That is indeed a bold decision. It could work out wonderfully or backfire completely.


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