N for Nightmares



Dear Neha,

It was easy to drown in negativity and blame everyone else for everything, but to stay positive was the biggest challenge.

There were times, when pangs of pain would surround me and try to drown me again, but I had decided, I would not let myself drown now.

Like any other marriage, our marriage had problems, which we could solve and had decided to solve.

It was not easy, especially when you had so much unwanted advise, from people who had never been in such situation telling you what to do.

“You should have kept an eye.”

“You never kept a tab on your husband’s activities.”

”It must have been her fault.”

“Once a cheater always a cheater.”

“You are an idiot in trusting him again.”

“Don’t invest in shared finances”

And so on ..

I don’t blame anyone, they were our well wishers, and had our interests in mind.

Either I trust him or I do not trust him. If I trust him it had to be complete. I stopped checking his mobile, his mails though I had a complete access to his and he to mine. We had joint investments earlier, and continued doing so.

I believed if he did err now, it would be his loss and not mine. So if he wanted me in his life, he had to be true to me for love, for us and not because of fear of getting caught.

I didn’t get the logic of trusting him with my heart and body, but not with my finances.

If I had to get my family back, we both had to unlearn everything and regain each other’s trust.

We both had to be transparent with each other regarding everything.

So I closed my ears to all the unwanted conversations.

I stopped discussing what happened with everyone, even with him.

There would still be triggers, but every time I had a trigger, I would try to divert myself and try one method I had learnt long back in the convent I studied.

“If someone has hurt you, whenever you think of them try to bless them, and say Please God Forgive them.” Over time, this helped release a lots of negative feelings.

I started doing Yoga and meditation and that helped me relax and clear my mind whenever I was in doubt.

It had been a month now and I felt we were in a right direction.

A few nights before I woke up with this strange dream. We are on a holiday, and lazying around the beach. Akash is holding me protecting me from the high waves. We are happy, laughing with each other and then I see someone. She comes close and snatches Akash from me. I wake up and  I am scared for a long time I cannot sleep again.

I woke up Akash and he tried to calm me. He checked whether I have missed my antidepressants and reminds me to book my next session soon.

I kept thinking next day what it could have meant. May be my fears. I try to stay upbeat. I try to meditate but I cannot concentrate.

The dream keeps coming each night, and I do not understand what it means.

I am afraid, something bad is going to happen.



NOTE : I am participating in #AtoZChallenge2018 and this post is my entry for letter N.

20 responses to “N for Nightmares”

  1. Her mind has started playing games now. Let’s hope the story doesn’t take a turn for the worse.


  2. The unwanted conversation or the suggestions regarding the relationship always ruins it. I think any unwanted issue arises in a husband-wife/ lovers relationship, they shouldn’t involve other persons within them. Neha was the victim of that. Good that, she stopped later. But, Neha’s condition is seriously going bad. Let’s see what happens later!


    1. Sometimes the unwanted advise is from your own parents or siblings .. whom you do not involve but still they would like once she ran away they know the story even though she kept it under wraps till then

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  3. This is getting interesting. Ruchi, I must tell you that your writing reminds me of the best selling author Nikita Singh. You should really consider bringing this out as an e-book. It has huge scope.


    1. Thanks Sonia, you made my day.


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  5. Sayan Bhattacharya Avatar
    Sayan Bhattacharya

    Very well written Ruchi.. you did express Neha’s feelings like the waves with each high and low and we flowed along reading. felt wonderful… the intrigue at the end was a good ending too!


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  8. It is very easy for people to give advice you know. Stuff like you should have kept tabs on him, once a cheater always a cheater and so on. Things are not so simple when a woman or for that matter a man is actually facing the situations. There are no easy decisions.


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