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Dear Neha,

You are a little better today. The cast around your leg is going to stay another couple of weeks. You are worried about it, but Pihu is overjoyed as he will have you at home each day.

I saw you smile at something in the morning.Was it Pihu signing on your cast, or was it his story on how we both had managed to cook the burnt pasta that morning.

Later we all were excited when the doctor came in and announced that you were fit to be discharged by tomorrow.

I did not want to take you back home, as I was afraid that if you would be alone at home, with me joining back my duty, you would again go on thinking the same.

You noticed my uneasiness and asked me, what was bothering me? I thought for a moment and then remembered what you had written.

I told you what I was thinking, and so you eased my burden by letting me know that you would not be able to manage on your own atleast a few days.

Thus decided, I applied for a leave for next three weeks.

I know there will be many difficult conversations between us, but since Pihu was around we kept our conversations light.

To be true, I do not want to discuss all that now because I am afraid what “If you decide to leave me.”

I know we both have changed. I will be always afraid that I don’t hurt you anymore, not say or do anything that is a trigger, so will be overprotective.

On the other hand, I know it’s difficult for you to forget. I kept telling you, it’s time to move on, but still I know I am the biggest reminder of everything that has happened.

Life is like a kaleidoscope.

Some days are full of happiness and joy. and some days are disappointments, failures, pain and sadness. If we dwell too much on one aspect, we will never be able to see the bigger picture.

Try to look at this as a kaleidoscope, all the small titbits, all the colours of happiness and sorrow make the beautiful life we have.

I know it is a lame excuse, but don’t you think that one mistake of mine, made both of us realize what we needed to fix in our relation.

I would have never realised what you and Pihu meant to me and would have continued to live that mechanical and double life until one day it would have destroyed us.

Let’s take each day at a time together and see how we take it from here on.


Note: I am participating in #AtoZchallenge and this blog is my entry for letter K.

20 responses to “Kaledioscope”

  1. I hope to read something exciting in the coming episodes. Nice story unfolding.


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  3. Perfect and relatable !


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  5. Lovely writing and the concept of Kaledioscope makes so much sense.



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  7. Nice analogy with the kaleidoscope. Hope she considers everything before taking a call.


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