Was it Glamour? Was it Game?

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Hey Neha,

Do you remember the first time we had met? It was on the road outside our college. We all had joined college a few days back, and were totally new to the medical world, to the college and the hostel life and also to the city.

It was after college late in the evening. Those were the days of STD/PCO booths and I had gone to make my weekly phone call to my parents. He was a late admission. He had joined that day only. His father had left a day before, and it was his birthday. The first birthday outside home. He had invited all of us for a birthday treat the next day.

He was easy to have a conversation with, and we would often end up chit chatting after college. We became good friends. A few months into, we were the talk of town. Too much smoke without fire. We could talk anything and everything and finally ended up committing that we liked spending time with each other. By the time, we finished our graduation, like had become love and we decided to tell our parents.

My parents like me were smitten by his charm. His parents did not approve of his choice. Then began a long struggle of convincing them, and finally by the time we were doing our post graduation, we got married. Till the time, we were completing our degrees, life was smooth.

Once we passed out, we came to know the bitter truth, a fresh MD is worse than any other profession.   All the classmates, and even your parents who looked up to you when you had got admission in a medical college, now looked down upon you. You have led your life on a meager stipend, you don’t have a car, bank balance and even a family.

That was when the race started for earning, and he silently disappeared from my life. A year later, we had his replica at home, and I had my hands full to notice anything.

During early days, I would beg him to limit his working hours, but he had started on the race of 100. “An unquenchable thirst”.  Our conversations reduced, whatever time we had was spent either with parents or the kiddo. But never had I felt, our love had reduced for each other. It was only that I did not approve of his lifestyle and he wanted to have quick name and fame.

He got both, and within next four years he was a dedicated, respected and a loved doctor. Somewhere around that time, he met Sophia. She was a nurse who worked with him. She started liking him, and he got attracted to her.  They moved from hospital to coffee shops, to movies and restaurants.

And that night, I so clearly remember now, when he had called that the conference has yet not started and he would not come home, as because of the delay they had booked him in the same hotel.

That was the beginning of the web of lies, for the next year and so.

He had said that the quick fame got to his head. He felt that he was entitled to happiness after the hard work he had put in to reach there. He never felt that it was anything wrong, as he ensured that he carried out his duties perfectly as per him.

Later he told me that it was just his stupid male ego. The cheap thrill of eating a forbidden fruit.

Was it Glamour? Was it game?

Note: I am participating in #AtoZchallenge and this blog is my entry for letter G.

25 responses to “Was it Glamour? Was it Game?”

  1. Poignant tale. No matter what kind of name and fame we achieve we all have to keep our feet on the ground and make sure that we are steadfast in our loyalty to our near and dear ones. That is the only way to make a marriage work. Good tale. I like the way you write it in the letter format.


  2. Whatever it was, they were definitely not meant to be. Starting life afresh wont be easy for her but the current life she s leading is not worth it too.


  3. The harsh reality behind most of the relationships in today’s competitive world. I really wish she can move on and start afresh. Very well written Ruchi.


  4. Sayan Bhattacharya Avatar
    Sayan Bhattacharya

    Very well written and you manage to touch the right chord of feeling of the reader with your words. I like the way you tell the story and keep the fringes obscure which allows the readers to imagine as they read on.. good skills at story telling !


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  6. Is any means justifiable. Lying for a year, will she able to trust again? Will the happiness be back? So many questions. There seems to regret and equal hurt in him too, but then it was his doing that brought this upon them. or was their share equal in some way?
    Waiting to see where Neha heads with her flow of thoughts.


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  11. It was just weakness on his part to fall for the first fresh one in his reach. But this is such a cautionary tale of how much do you want before you start ripping away at the seams of the fabric that make you. Very nicely written, Ruchi.


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