The Dawn

Beep, Beep, Beep!

The Monitors in ICU were signaling an alarm. The doctors and nurses were trying their best to fight the lost battle. Nisha could see a frenzy inside.

Her only son had met with an accident two days back. He was brought in a very critical condition. He had been unconscious since then. The doctors had told that his blood pressure was constantly falling and it was being maintained with continuous medicines.

Her mind went back to the scene in their house before the accident.

“Just have a look at her profile. She is beautiful, tall, from a rich family. Her father is a very resourceful person.” Nisha had been trying to convince her son to marry the girl she had eyes upon since long.

“She is homely girl, will keep you happy.” She had added.

“Mom, you have always seen her only in your parties. You don’t even know her to comment on all these things.” Abhinav had replied.

“And anyways, you know I have been living with Richa since last two years. We both are comfortable with each other. She knows me and I know her, and you know my decision,if I will marry, it will be only her.” He said firmly.

“A characterless girl she is. She has been living with you without marriage, and still she doesn’t want to marry you. Don’t know what kind of independence these days parents give to their girls.” Nisha had said.

“Ma please, don’t tread there again. You know the reason, she is supporting her brothers study, and that’s the reason she is not ready for marriage. Once he’s on his own, we will decide. And the same can be said about you. I am willingly living with her without marriage. And what kind of mother you are, knowing your son has a bad character, you are searching brides for him.” He had left home in anger and half an hour later she had got phone from a police station informing about his accident.

Nisha had reached hospital, and on seeing Richa insulted her.

“You are the one responsible for this accident.” Had you not come in our lives, my son would have listened to me, and not gone away in anger.”

Richa has been calm, though their were tears in her eyes and she had not responded to her verbal accusations.

Richa had not slept even a single moment since that day. She was the one who was now taking care of all the finances, even taking care of her, getting her to eat at meal times.

She wondered at herself. For the last 48 hours, she had not spoken a word to this girl, blaming her for the accident. She wondered at how short sighted she was. She had judged that girl without even knowing her. All she looked for in her would be daughter in law was material gains, money, beauty. She never thought about where her son was happy, and now when he was struggling between life and death, what use was all that.

Nisha got up from her chair, and went looking for Richa.

Richa was sitting silently in the corner, with her eyes closed.

“Richa, I am sorry for all what I said. I was blind to not have seen your goodness. Please forgive me.”

Just then someone called her name.

The doctor was calling to tell her that his son was out of danger now. He had become conscious half an hour before and was now stable.

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