The Sacred Vows

Chapter 1

“It’s high time you both should get married.” His sister exclaimed.

“Had I not known about Mom’s plans to surprise you on your birthday, you both would have been caught red handed” She said looking at Aman.

“I can’t understand what you both are up-to. Already you have been in this Live in relationship for the last two years. Earlier, I thought may be you both were testing your compatibility for the real life. I was ok with it, so I supported you both and kept your secret hidden. Now, what’s the reason?” She looked at Isha this time.

“Marriage kills love!” Isha replied back.

“I know this topic has been hanging on since last six months, but I am not just ready for it. The same person who right now does everything for our happiness will shuffle like a pendulum between the family wishes and mine.” Isha continued.

“And to add more spice, I don’t ever want kids. Once the family comes to know this,the lovely paradise of mine will become a battlefield. I am simply not into the concept of marriage where groom and his family come at a higher pedestal, and the bride howsoever educated she might be will be always humiliated for her family.” Isha looked towards Aman.

“Aman, we have always been transparent with each other. We had decided on this, when we shifted together, but if you feel you want to marry and settle down, I will not stop you.” Isha spoke after a pause.

“Isha, you are overreacting. Nothing will change after marriage. We will live here like we are living now. This is just for the society’s approval.” Aman got up and took Isha’s hand in his.

“Nothing will change, I promise.” He said looking hopefully at her.

Isha looked away. She knew this would come one day, but she was not sure if she wanted to take the big leap.

She had seen boys turning into mama’s boys overnight. Suddenly what and how their moms felt about their wives becomes their own feelings.

Abha got up and sat close to both of them.

“I know Isha what you mean. And I will not deny any of the above. When I married Ashish 5 years back, we were so much in love. We knew each other, but right from the day the families came into picture, the equation changed. Suddenly, it was all about what his mom wanted me to be. As if the expectations of one set of parents was less, I would suddenly feel bombarded by everyone.”

“If we went out for dinner, I was extravagant. If I didn’t, I was a miser.”

“If I wore suit, I was behenji. If I didn’t, I was not taught manners by my parents.”

“The fact that even I was as educated as Ashish didn’t stop anyone from commenting that I was not even taught cooking by my mother’

“And all this would become too sore when sitting among everyone, even Ashish would make fun of my rotis.”

“Only Ashish would get tired at office. For me it was another work after work. I was expected to don my superwoman cape and start cooking the moment I enter.”

“When I could not conceive for the first four years, it was like a hell. I kept suffering till I could not take no more. And it took my first abortion for Ashish to realize that life had indeed become hell for me.”

“But just answer one question for me!

“Are you both any less committed now?

“No” Isha and Aman replied in unison.

“So let this bond be sanctified by the sacred vows. Take your time, but sooner or later you would have to take the plunge. So think about it.”

“And Isha, If you don’t go there, how will you know. Just go ahead one step at a time and you both make it work for each other. If it has to be, it will be.”

To be continued…

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