You are not a canvas.

You are not a canvas, nor are You a poetry. Even a canvas won’t be picture perfect always. A poem won’t always give you rhyming words, yet in those imperfections we enjoy them. So why do we expect perfection from ourselves or from our spouses. Everyone can’t be a 5 feet 10 inches slim and trim model. A little fat bulge on the thighs or the stomach shouldn’t push you to depression. All cannot be that perfect cooks So why get bothered over a burnt dish or a dish you ate at someone else house. Your home might be a bit more dirty. Your closet a bit more mismanaged. You may not be the perfect parent, spouse, son or daughter. Nor you may be the best professional. Someday you might have forgotten to add salt to dish, or wash clothes in time. Sometimes you might have forgotten to check your child’s progress. You could even forget an important date. You are just a human being. You are the best with your imperfections. As long as you have love in your heart, your relationships are full of love and care, a burnt dish, a forgotten date or anything else doesn’t matter. Love yourself and your spouse, child and parents for what they are. For these imperfections make you what you are.

2 responses to “You are not a canvas.”

  1. very true one should think of him self ,and always think i am the best in this world.


  2. I agree! Nobody is perfect 😀


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