The Promise – Part 9

Meera had decided to give it one more chance but she was still not sure if it would work. She didn’t want to end up heartbroken. She had never asked him any questions nor had he volunteered any answers.

What if he did it again? And if they were just going to do it for Vivaan’s sake, would it work? A marriage that is based on mistrust rarely survives.

In the past few years, she had been the one adjusting to everyone’s demands. Didn’t she sacrifice her chance to a better job when they were about to get married.

“Long distance marriages do not work.” This was what her mother had told when she had got to work in a multinational based in Mumbai. Vivek had wanted her to go, but parents on either side had vetoed for “marriage only if they both stay in the same city.”

Later, she wanted to do a higher specialisation, she had been 3 months pregnant then.

“For women, career should take a backstage, once they are married.”her mother in law had declared.

“Who will take care of your child?”And a reluctant Meera had bowed again to family wishes.

Vivek was lost in his guilt. He wanted Meera to be happy, with him or without him. He also understood that she was doing this only on Vivaan’s insistence.

That night, after Vivaan slept they both sat in silence.

“I am not sure, I want to do this, Vivek.” She said.

“I gave you space in relation, but you misused it. I was the one who always remained behind the stage so that you could achieve laurels, yet when you reached at the zenith, you left me limping.”

“Brutus had stabbed Julius Caesar and killed him, but you stabbed me and let me live so that forever I remember that it was you who stabbed me in my back. Every time I see you, I see that girl. I keep wondering where I went wrong.”

“I understand your feelings, Meera. I have been an asshole and you have every right to be angry at me. I know I should not have done this, but all I want is you both to be happy. No excuses, nothing can justify what I did. All I can say is sorry. I will do whatever to see you happy. If you are happy without me, the choice is yours. I will never question you for whatever choice you make.”

“Only truth is that I took you for granted. I have loved you always, but I always silenced my conscience that it’s just for fun. I regret all what I did and believe me all those memories are so painful. I keep running away from them. Without you there is no life. I never realised that till you walked away.”

Meera looked at him first time in months and saw his eyes full of sorrow.

“Let’s take one step at a time.”

“Tiny baby steps each day. If you want we can go to a new country.” Vivek said.

“Tiny baby steps.” And she smiled at the thought.

“Going to a new place is not Tiny step, it’s a Herculean step.” And they both laughed.

“I think, we will start with spending time together like we did when we started dating. Weekends with Vivaan, and may be sometimes alone without him. What do you say?” Meera replied back.

“But we are not shifting together again till I get trust back, whatever time it takes.” She continued.

“May be you can shift nearby so that you get to see Vivaan in the evenings. And I have quit my job. I have enrolled myself in college again.” Meera informed beaming with pride.

Vivek saw her relaxed and happy with her choice. He had seen a ray of light and he promised himself not to lose it now.


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