The Promise – Part 8

Meera left that morning with Vivaan. She never asked his story, nor why he did that. Vivek didn’t try to stop her. He knew he had lost her. He should have confessed but only if it was that easy. It had been a month since he had seen both of them.

He would call her daily, but all he heard was her silence, and she would pass on the phone to Vivaan.

Today, It was Vivaan’s birthday. Vivaan had ordered him to come home.

“If you don’t come, I will not eat the whole day.” He had declared.

He had got his favorite Spider-Man dress and picked up white roses for Meera.

As the door bell rang, he could hear Vivaan’s excited voice.

Vivaan ran into his arms, and hugged him tight.

“Happy Birthday, Vivaan.”

That was the warmest kiss he had ever received.

“I missed you, Papa.”

“I too missed you, Beta.” He sighed.

“Really, then why did you wait for my hunger strike.?” The little boy quizzed him with his curious looks.

“Let’s go in.” Vivek took him in his lap and took him inside, closing the door behind.

He handed the roses to Meera. Her eyes had black circles and she had lost weight.

Meera didn’t look towards him and silently retracted back to her room.

“Papa, why don’t you stay with us anymore.” Vivaan asked again.

Vivek did not know what to answer.

“I made a terrible mistake and because of it, your mummy does not want to stay with me.” He answered finally.

“If it was so, then why does she cry the whole night. Sometimes, when I wake up at night, I hear her sobs. She never smiles and she does not finish her dinner also.” Vivaan replied back.

Just then, Meera brought his birthday cake. Admist, the cake and the celebration, the conversation got lost.

“Let’s wind up,” Meera told Vivaan.

“It’s your bed time and you have to go to school.”

“It’s going to be 11 and you should be on your bed now.” Vivek added.

“Mumma and Papa, I want to talk to you both before I sleep.”

They both looked at each other, clueless what he was going to say.

“I need my birthday gift.” Vivaan said.

“But you already got.” Both of them replied in sync.

“Not these gifts.” Vivaan said.

“The other day I overheard you talking to Nanu. You were talking about divorce. I didn’t understand what that is supposed to mean. So I went and googled it.”

“I don’t want to choose either of you. I love you both. For me, can’t we three live together, like the three mischief makers we used to be.”

“Mumma, you always tell me, If we learn from our mistake, and never make it again, then the mistake was worth it. I do not know what mistake Papa was talking about, but can’t you give him one more chance like you always give me. Can’t you both be friends again.” And he started crying.

Both of them couldn’t stop their tears. They both decided to give each other one more last chance. They both knew it was a hard task uphill but they had to do it for each other and for Vivaan. That night they started together for the new beginning.


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