The Promise- Part 7

5 months before

“Vivek, I need your help immediately. Can you please come over to my location now.”

He was busy in a meeting, but he had excused himself and gone there. Anu’s voice had panic.

He had gone there and found Anu bleeding. Her hand had multiple bruises and possibly their were a few broken bones. He had taken her to the hospital, got her treated, that was when he had heard her story.

“Vivek, It’s true that I had started liking you but I have never been completely transparent with you. All I shared with you was just my body.”

“Two years back in the final year of college I had fell in love with a boy there. Unfortunately, we had not acted wisely and I had become pregnant. I didn’t realize this till late and I had to abort the pregnancy at a very late stage. I came to this city for him. He is not one of the best person to be, he tortures me, beats me up, even took my nude photographs which he threatens to share every time I try to go.

“Why are you still with him?” Vivek had asked.

“Why are you still with Meera?” She had asked him back.

“From what I have judged, you and Meera need time, you will be able to mend your relation, go back and tell her the truth and take your second chance.” She had told him then.

Vivek had kept listening and gone back that day thinking of the fiasco he had landed himself in.

That had been their last conversation. After that they had been in touch for next few months on phone. He had kept helping Anu whenever she needed help but they never met. He had given her financial help in order to relocate to a new city.

“I know I am in a bad relationship, but I can’t leave him. I know he is not a bad person. You can’t give up on someone you love” she had said.

She was the one who had made him realize that he had been fool trying to find happiness in the world around when his happiness had always been his home.

He had tried to mend whatever was left between him and Meera. But he never had the guts to tell her. He was sure she would leave him.

He called up Anu.

“Why did you do this, Anu?”

“I was trying, you know this. In fact things had become better in these last two months. I was being selfish I know, I didn’t want to lose her, why did u tell her?”

Anu was shocked.

“What are you saying? Whom did I tell what?” She asked.


“Why did you tell her all this now?” He clarified.

“I do not have any contact with her. I don’t understand what you are saying.”

“You had sent her a mail sharing details about what had happened between us.”

“Nooo, I didn’t” and then she had realized that her boyfriend had got access to her email, and shared with Meera all the details.


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