A Promise – Part 5

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Not all love stories have happy endings. Meera resigned to the fact that hers could have better. She tried to keep herself busy with her work, with her son. She knew she could not hurt herself anymore.

Vivek had got addicted to the aura he had created for himself. At that point of time, drunk in his own pride, he couldn’t find any fault with himself. Though he promised Meera, yet after a week or two he reverted back to the same lifestyle.

Anu didn’t call or message for two weeks but finally she gave in to the charm she couldn’t resist. Was it just for fun, or was it lust, she couldn’t decide. But exactly 2 weeks later, she called him one evening.

“Hey, How have you been?” She asked.

“How Can I be when you have been away?” Vivek replied.

“I was angry.” Anu said.

“I’m sorry, Babe. Can we catch up for dinner tonight.”

“Ya, I have been missing you.” Anu replied back.

“Ok, see you at same place, 1 hour later. Pack up for the night” Vivek said.

“Hey Meera, forgot to tell you there’s a conference at 8. It will end by 12, so won’t be back. You have your dinner and sleep. See you tomorrow evening.” Vivek messaged his wife.

Anu tried to look her sexiest best. She was the one who had called yet she was the one who felt insecure looking at him. She felt she should not be sitting there, sharing her drink with him, A married man. Wasn’t she a home breaker?

Whom would Meera blame? Her obviously!

“I didn’t want to do this!” She said.

“Was it not Vivek who had 1st invited her to coffee?”

“Was it not he who took her to a romantic movie and held her hand and kissed her during the movie?”

But, why did she not voice a “No”?

Sipping their drinks silently, each was lost in their thoughts.

“Meera, you look lost today” Vivek said.

Anu looked at him.

“It’s me, Anu” She replied back.

“You love her, isn’t it. Then why me, Vivek? Why did you do this? Will you ever be able to justify what you are doing? She continued.

Vivek sighed.

“You are getting it wrong.”

“I told you our relations have been sour for sometime. We are together because of Vivaan.”

“After meeting you I have felt happy, I have been alive. I love you, Anu” He got up and sat next to her.

“Look at me, Anu. Do I look a cheater to you. Things between me and Meera were cold since last few years, and then you came. After you came, it has not deteriorated, but it’s still cold.”

Anu leaned on him, and closed her eyes. She didn’t know where this was heading. Would he leave Meera or was she just a time pass.

Vivek kissed her slowly, and the next moment, she was kissing him back. His hand went inside her shirt and she let him unbuckle her strap.

“Do you really love me, Vivek.”

“Yes, more than anyone else.” He replied and

the rest got lost in the heat of moment.

Anu slept in fits. Whole night, she dreamt of Meera accusing her of stealing her husband.

Even two black coffees couldn’t cure her hangover.

“This is not right, Vivek.”

“We shouldn’t have done it.”

“I will leave Meera.Then this will be ok.”

“I love you, Anu.”

“My marriage is dead. Even Meera knows this. Only we didn’t have a reason to divorce. This will give a reason as well. She will agree to an Amicable divorce. Only problem is she won’t ever let me have Vivaan. But it’s ok If I get permission to see him on weekends.” Vivek said.

Anu left for work with lot of guilt and lot many questions in her mind. She knew she was doing wrong yet she continued.

They planned to meet again after 2 weeks.

However, their conversations became frequent.

Vivek had become very careful and he would delete all the chats.

A few times, Meera observed him go out for certain calls. One evening, she asked “Vivek, you talk to someone very often and when that call comes, you go out of the house and your calls are very long. Is it something you are hiding from me?

“Meera, you are unnecessarily getting suspicious. There is no one in my life other than you.”

“What was it that you couldn’t talk here and you went all the way to park outside?” Meera questioned.

“You can check my mobile” and Vivek handed her the mobile.

The last call was from Anuj.

Hours later she thought she would at least check who this Anuj is. Surprisingly, she couldn’t even find Anuj number now. Yet, the naive Meera could not still judge that she had married a cheat.

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