The Promise- 4

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Meera came back from home early. She needed to unwind herself to accept what she was about to do. But was she even clear what she wanted to do. Vivek wouldn’t ever change. She had to decide and let him know. Anyway he hardly needed her. She was just like a maid taking care of his needs. Over the last two years, had they not become strangers living under one roof. Did she even remember when was the last time they had sat together and relaxed? Or When was the last time they had kissed?

Cooking always relaxed her. She started baking her favorite, unfortunately their favorite Cinnamon carrot cake. Was their anything in her life which did not have his stamp?

Vivek came home early. All through the drive, he kept thinking on how would he talk to Meera. She hadn’t called him the whole day. Nor had he. He had scrolled thro his contacts numerous times, but he didn’t have the courage to do. He knew he had erred. But a part of him, argued inside “ You didn’t do any wrong. After all because of you, they are entitled to the lifestyle they have. So, what if he had little fun. All males do that.”

The house was too silent today, except for Vivaan. He was too happy to have his Dad home early, and he played with him till he went to sleep. Meera continued her silent treatment all the while.

Still lost in his thoughts, Vivek heard Meera

“We need to talk”

“I am sorry for last night” Vivek said.

“It’s too late, Vivek.” She replied back.

“We have been living in this house as mere strangers. You don’t have time for me or vivaan.”

“You come when I sleep. Can you tell what was the last time we even had sex.”

“Your future plans are killing my present.”

“I had never thought this would happen to us. May be you too.”

“Hey sweetheart, I work hard for us. So that we can have a bright future. If you want, I will start coming on time, do whatever you want, but please don’t talk about going.” Vivek replied.

“I don’t feel intimacy between us anymore and just for the sake of living I can’t.” Meera said.

“I know I can’t ever stop loving you, but I can’t see us lose.” She continued.

“I promise you Meera, I will start giving you and Vivaan time.” Vivek said.

“6 months is all you have, Vivek, to prove yourself. If not, then we move on our ways apart.

Meera didn’t know if it was just another false promise. A part of her wanted to go and hug him and tell him strongly that she missed the Vivek he was, she missed being the part of his life, she missed their conversations, she had become too lonely. She said she wanted to go but in her heart she knew each day without him would be death.

Vivek knew that for now he had convinced Meera, but sooner or later his double life would get him to trouble. He felt complete with Anu. Was it that he really did not have any feelings for Meera. But he loved her and cared for her. But the happiness he got with Anu was just incomparable.

Didn’t every third person he knew did that? How could ever Meera find out. He never left any clue. Even the number in his phone was saved as Anuj. He would delete all the chats, and till date Meera never questioned his outings. Yet, this was wrong. Was this an addiction he had developed.

Anu was like a spice in his life full of boredom. With her he was completely comfortable, chilled out and relaxed. No responsibilities, No stress.

Meera was the life he had always dreamt of. She knew him like no one. She understood him, his needs and he loved her so much

He was sinking deep into the Marsh, and he did not want to come out.

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