The Girl Next Door

I am the girl who lives next door. I know you do not remember me. You never spoke to me or heard my voice.

I never walked on those streets freely, as I was told I had grown up and boys playing out could tease me.

I decked myself in my room and surrounded myself in the fantasy world of my own. The fantasies I created after reading books or watching TV remained with me always.

Those imaginary characters in books or serials became my friends. They lived in my head. I rejoiced with them, sang with them, danced with them and even cried with them. Their dreams were mine.

You do not know about all this. To the outside world, I was that good girl should did not have a voice.

Yes, I do not have a voice. Yet, I have dreams. Some get fulfilled, some were broken, some were nipped in the bud.

Still, I continue to dream.

Photo credits : photography.nasa ( Dr Prashant Nasa

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About Me.

I am a histopathologist based in UK. I find solace in my work, nature and books. My musings are my own personal beliefs.


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