Life is so unpredictable. We all fret over little things, the meal which mom prepared with love and concern, yet didn’t turn out to be delicious, the dress which didn’t look that good on you, a tv show you couldn’t watch, or a luxury you couldn’t buy.

We fight over petty issues, a birthday or an anniversary forgotten, a gift which was not of our liking.

Just cherish that you and your loved ones are still alive. You never know what next moment will be.

Cherish even that burnt bread, or the time you didn’t look your best.

Birthdays, anniversaries or dinners will come again, but any date will be only of value if that loved one and you will be still there.

Enjoy each moment as if it was the last. Savour that kiss your spouse gave you when you left home. Enjoy the time your child wanted to play with you the new game he had got. Take time each day to sit with your parents.

Enjoy the gift of life.

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  1. Truly, we should find happiness in every aspect of life!

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