The Road

The road in front of my high rise apartment is always busy. The traffic starts as early as 5 in the morning and will continue till as late as 2 in the night.

Sometime it will be a high speed traffic and at others a full traffic jam. Sometimes I wonder about the stories stuck in this traffic. There will be people from all walks of life.

Labourers in big white buses, school children and teachers in yellow school buses, and then so many other people, all of different nationalities who have come to this wonder city, few who would try to save each penny in the public buses, and few who would take taxis. Some would ply on their own cars.

Nonetheless, all with one common feeling to make this life comfortable for the families either here or back home.

Whether this city or any other big city anywhere in the world, what’s common is that people have forgotten to live life. Everyone is running from pillar to post to make a living, to save for tomorrow, to save for illness, self or family, to give their kids the highest education.

Was the life too hectic, say 30 years back. Or do I feel it more hectic, coz I’ve grown up in a small town.

I still think of the laid back life we had. Mom was a housewife, or at the most worked part time after we were around 8/9. Yet, everyone would be home by around 5.30pm.

When I see the cars plying so late, I feel how much time they would be spending with their families?

The news abounds that one day robots( artificial intelligence) will take over all the jobs. Haven’t we all become mechanical in this life.

One response to “The Road”

  1. in this busy world every body is running for his own needs.


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