An Accident


From here where should would go he did not know?
Should he go and say sorry for all he had done?
Should he just forget and move on? After all, they were his parents and he had the full right to be angry with them! They had shouted on him unnecessarily, he felt. He had just taken the motorbike to drive without their permission.

He was still fuming with anger. He kept moving on, the rage within, the carousel of emotions was not letting him settle down. Why did they not understand that he was big now?

It was just a small prank he had played. He never thought it could turn so dangerous. Why did they not see his view point?

Just then he saw a motor cycle skid before him, leading to a fatal accident. The rider died on spot.

That was when he realised what his prank could turn to. Just to play a prank on his friend, he had driven and overspend his motorbike and done a skid on it in speed leading to his friend and him getting injured.

He was still 14 years and he was not given the permission to drive it. Obviously, every one had been angry and they had tried to put sense into him.

He realised he was wrong and he went and asked them sorry and promised himself that he would never ever do it again.

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