First Love


First day in the college and I was searching for her face. I had seen her once when the admissions had started and somehow that sweet voice and her face had got etched in my heart.
I didn't even know her name, but I was sure I would find her.
I did finally spot her in the class, but first years were not supposed to talk to each other.
The first time we spoke was on the road between college and hostel. I invited her to my birthday party.
Slowly, we started talking to each other, in between the classes, in the practical classes.
Somehow, I would find a way to speak to her.
I had made a place in her heart as a friend but I was afraid to say I love you. I did not want to lose the friendship we had. Years later, now I realise the difference between like and love.
When you like a flower, you pluck it.
When you love, you let it grow.
Months later, we both went on College trip. We had become best friends by then.
"Goa" that has become my favourite place now because of these special memories.
We would amble along the beach till the reds of skies would turn into night.
I never wanted that to end. But the trip was coming to an end.
So that night, she came and asked "I guess this is not just friendship"
That was how she made me propose her.
Today she is my wife, and I still love to amble on the beach with her.

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