Lost Love


She looked beautiful in the red silk which would shimmer like the moonlight. He could not take his eyes off her.

Every inch of her seemed to him a perfection. The perfectly chiseled face, the deep dark eyes, which held sadness, yet were calm. The thin pink lips which would quiver a little every time he looked at her.

All he could think was her.

" It's damp and noisy inside. Let's go out for a walk." She said after what seemed like a long time.

"Ah yes!" I replied, my stream of thoughts broken by her soft voice.

We both picked up our wine glasses and went to balcony.

"You still don't like congested places." I asked.

"Ya, I still hate parties. You have to greet everyone with a big smile and behave as if you really concerned with global warming and space technology. It all seems so fake."

"I usually do not come, but Sofia insisted so I had to come. She's my best friend, can't miss her birthday." She replied back.

"Ya, I know. Have seen both of you inseparable since childhood." I replied.

Sofia was my little sister. Though today she was 35, I still called her my little sister.
Angela and she had been friends from Grade 1. The two were like twins always together.

In recent years, I had seen less of Angela.

Today, when I saw her, I could not recognise that she was the same girl, whom I used to tease when we were small.

"When did you come back?"she asked.

"Just yesterday night. Sofia would have killed me had I not come on her special day.

"I am here for a week more." Just as I started wanting to take her for a date, my little Sofia came searching for us.

"What are you two doing in this chill out?"
She eyed me suspiciously.

The three of us became quiet.

Sofia pulled Angela inside, and I again lost the chance to tell her.

My thoughts went back to that one night many years ago. I had been a playboy then. And how I had crushed Angela's dreams that night.

Sofia, Angela and me had grown side by side ever since I remember. Sofia being the wild, Angela would be the one who would take care of her at every fall. Her soft nature, those deep dark eyes had made me an admirer then.

Being Sofia's friend it was always easy to meet her, talk to her and Sofia had kept our secret intact.

Then I had left abroad for higher studies, where I had met new friends. Sex, Alcohol everything had become as casual as a breakfast. Soon, I had got a job, and I had moved to a live in relationships. That relation provided me with financial support and whatever I needed . I never let Sofia or Angela find this out. Partly, because I wanted to keep that thing with Angela intact.

That night, we had gone for dinner and a message had piped in from my live in partner. Angela had left and she never ever spoke to me till today.

Many years, after she had left, I realised what I had l lost. But I never got the courage to face her again.

"Why don't you tell her?" Sofia came once again breaking my chain of thoughts.

"Tell her what that I was a moron! And that I am changed now. Why will she believe me?" I replied.

"You did a mistake, and ever since you have been punishing yourself"

"Hmm! If you don't may be I will" Sofia said.

Both of us did not see Angela behind.

"Even if you say anything nothing changes now. I am leaving for New Zealand next Monday. My visa and work permit had come. It took me long to get out of your betrayal." Angela told and left.

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