Fairy Tales – 1


She grew up reading Cinderella, snow white and Thumbelina. For every girl in distress, came a prince who would love her and decode all the disorder in her life. And they lived happily ever after!

Only thing, she did not know what ever happily ever after meant! Coz known of the stories told anything beyond that. The life she had seen as a small town girl was much different from the life she was living now.

She was always a recluse. Never had many friends! Her world was books and their stories, She lived dreaming that one day a fairy godmother would come and take her to her prince. Probably, that's why she was such a hopeless romantic!

And then she fell in love!

And that's precisely when the trouble in paradise started.

The love stories in east have always had a tragic ending while the love stories in west have a happy ending. The stories in west are about love, romance whilst the stories in east are about societal pressures, parental expectations. So the little mermaid got caught in her own web. She loved a boy, the boy loved her…..The boy's family did not want her. After months of emotional blackmail, threats by the boy, boy's parents agreed to their union. You will think my little girl would live happily after this. No, in east it's not a marriage of a bride with her groom…It's marrying the bride in the groom's family. How the girl survives the ordeal is of concern to no one, not even the groom.

And then comes the step 2 of marriage..Parenting. For some couples, parenting brings them closer. But for some unfortunate ones, it tears them apart. So, it happened with my doll.

And finally, one fine day she found that the boy whom she loved was cheating on her. This had happened not once, but twice.

Why was her story not like a fairy tale?

Will she survive?


2 responses to “Fairy Tales – 1”

  1. Nicely put forward your view


    1. Spinning stories 😄


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