A casual goodbye


She wanted to say no more. She thought she would sneak out before he came back from work.

Goodbyes were always painful, especially between them. They had been together for 19 years. Had she not known about this, may be they would have died together in old age. But not anymore. She had decided he did not deserve her loyalty.

When you love someone, you do not hurt that person. But he had hurt her not once, but twice.

He said he loved her still and he had got carried away. She did not know what to believe anymore. She had trusted him with all her life but now she did not know how to trust anymore.

Ever since she had come to know, he had been apologetic, caring and sensitive. She felt all this was just because now she knew.

She left office an hour early. She knew he was never home before 7. She would have 1 hour to pack up her things and then she would leave a note she intended to.

She didn't want to see him, because she knew she still loved him and she couldn't say him how miserable she felt. Every time she looked at him, the whole story replayed in her mind, all the lies he had told, all the nights that he had spent in that bitch's arms.

Yet, she could not see him sad. And everytime now she was sad, he would become miserable.

He wanted them to forget everything and start again. She too wanted to start but she did not have a memory charm.

When she reached home, he was already there.

"Surprise, there was not much work today, so I came early."

"And look, Here's your favourite pasta ready, the coffee's brewing and will be ready in a few minutes"

"You go and get fresh, and I will lay the table for my princess" he took her in his arms and kissed her.

She broke down, how could she ever say a casual goodbye!

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  1. Well written!! 🙂


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