Symphony of Life


She left office early. She had to get ready for her dinner date.

Today, was their special day. She had promised him that she would come in time.

"You come late every day. Atleast come in time today. If you are late, I will not talk to you."He had said.

With a multitude of thoughts in her mind, she started the ignition. She had ordered his favorite butterscotch cake, and she had to still pick his gift.

Her mind went back to the time,when she did not have to bother about all this. She would just leave all to him, and everything would be taken care of.

She missed him badly, especially today. An year had passed, since he had gone. Not a day had passed, when she did not remember him. How easy her life had been? A protected life, she always had.

Every year, this used to be their favorite day. This was the day, when their son had been born. The three of them would go for a dinner at their favorite restaurant, and right from cake to gift, to the theme, to even her dress would be chosen by him. She never had to bother.

An year before, her life had turned upside down. Akash had been busy with a foreign delegation , and could not get out till very late. He had lost his life to overspeeding.

She reached home, changed to his favorite black dress. She was already 10 minutes late. She could not risk getting late any more.

"Mom, you are exactly 10 minutes left." Raghav came rushing towards her.

"See, I am a big boy now. I am ready on my own. And I have booked restaurant."
He kept chirping happy at his own achievement.

"Yes, my little prince." She smiled back hugging him tighter, pushing her tears back with the smile. She felt Akash smiling too.

This was the symphony of life. Life would go on with old and new memories.

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