When the fog lifted!

Prompt : Foggy

The alarm went off at its usual time. Sia had been tossing and turning in the bed the whole night. Not even a little sleep, but still she had to get up and get Dia's lunch box ready, before waking her up.

As she got up from the bed, and kept her feet on the cold floor, a chill ran down her spine. This year, winters had been so harsh and early. When did early November feel so cold.

She wanted to get back in the quilt and snuggle close to Aman for warmth. She was still angry with him, so with another look at the rapidly moving arms of clock, She pulled herself up towards the kitchen.

Dia had wanted her favourite burger for lunch. That made her forget all about Aman and she started preparing the tiffin.

A look outside and She realised it was again foggy today. Sia hated foggy mornings. Traffic would go slow, vision would be poor, and somehow such mornings always gave her a creepy feeling, that something bad would happen.

Soon, it was time to wake up Dia and get her ready. Mornings always were like that, time running.

By the time, Sia returned after dropping Dia to the bus stop, Aman was reading his favorite newspaper. She looked at him with anger.

"Why do Men need wives? They should marry newspapers, mobiles, and laptops!" She thought to herself.

Aman saw her and kept the newspaper on side.

"Sia, still angry with me."
" I completely agree that you get tired managing home, family, Dia and your work. I am ready to help you in any way I can."

"Not again! I do not want this discussion.
You know, I am under lot of stress, but it does not matter to you, so leave it." Sia stomped her feet and left the room.

Her work hours had become a stress for her. She was never able to concentrate on one thing and in the end, everything suffered. Only yesterday, She had forgotten Dia's fancy dress and sent her dressed for a normal school. Which mother does that?
"Aman can never understand. Last Thursday, I had forgotten to buy vegetables and we had to order from outside. How do I make him realize my plight? She muttered to herself.

Sia wanted to be a housewife for now. He said She would not be able to adjust and it will be worse for her.

Angry with everything She got ready and left without breakfast. Aman kept calling.

As she had guessed, the traffic was horrible on road and with a low visibility, she just managed to reach office in time.

The office bore a gloomy look. She made herself comfortable, started her desktop and left to get a coffee.

Coffee was always relaxing for Sia. After an hour of work, she remembered that she had to remind Aman about booking tickets for the new year.

When she pulled phone from her purse, she saw 10 missed calls from Aman.

She smiled, may be he wants to make up.
As she heard his voice, all the smile disappeared.

"Sia, where were you? I have been trying to call you. Jija ji met with an accident. He is critical at Newlife hospital. I have already left for there."

"You too leave now. Didi will need all support, and get some cash on way. You know her financial condition."

Suddenly, Didi's face came to her mind. She was a university topper. She had been working in a MNC, when Jija ji had seen her.

Being an orthodox family, soon after marriage, they had asked Didi to leave her job.
"What is the need, when I earn so well?" He would say.
Everyone had tried to convince them, but no avail.

An year later, Jija ji had lost his job and couldn't get an equivalent offer so had settled for a lesser post and salary. Meanwhile pregnancy, kids and expenses had peaked. She had tried time and again but they had never allowed her to work.

Sia realized that Aman was right, Females should never leave their financial freedom. It was difficult to manage both fronts, but he always did whatever he could.

Sia reached hospital, and helped Aman settle bills. Jija ji would require an operation and they had taken care of the expenses together.
The operation was successful and he would require another 72 hours in the hospital.

Sia and Aman looked at each other relaxed. The fog had lifted.

"Sia, look for a job, which allows you freedom to work from home and less work hours."

"Thanks Aman, I now realize why you always want me to work" and they both smiled.

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